Chocolate Chip Cookies

The first weekend in November has just made haste and we are steadily making our way in to winter. It’s been so mild the last two months and much of the countryside is still laden with foliage now a kaleidoscopic display of oranges, reds and browns. The weatherman promises a change in temperature as well as temperament. Will we get the Siberian snow storms the media love to taunt us with? It seems impossible with everything that surrounds us still so rich and vibrant.

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Chocolate and Strawberry Layer Cake

Summer Tea Party

Summer Tea Parties

Summer’s here. Don’t tell the English weather though. As soon as it hears the rain will come. It’s like “hello July, hello torrential rain.”

So let’s talk hush hush.

I’ve got some great ideas for a summer’s day afternoon tea party. It’s the high-class picnic and all the better for it.

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Very Posh Chocolate Cupcake Display

Top Tier

When my eldest daughter started at her sixth form college, after years of private school, she got labelled “posh”.

For one thing she said “prep” instead of “homework”.

Posh kids say “mummy I haven’t got any prep tonight.” Apparently.

I bought her one of those old school badges you can get in novelty shops that said “posh” on it. She wore it on the lapel of her jacket with pride. It became a bit of a joke in our family.

If you met us you would know instantly that we are anything but posh.

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Baking My Way Through 2010

Collage of pictures

Don’t you just hate the whole “new year’s resolution” thing?

Eat less, go to bed early, learn a language, run a marathon.

It’s like a beauty queen promising world peace.

Not a chance.

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Mince Pies

In my last blog post, I looked at the advantages of making your own mince meat. Having made quite a few jars the only thing left to do was actually use the resulting product in baking. That means mince pies. And lots of them.

Plate of mince pies

Problem is, with 19 days still left until Christmas, I have already grown ever so slightly sick at the thought of any more. And to think the stores were selling them as far back as the end of November.

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Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

Didn’t someone say life is a long list of good intentions…failed? Well if they didn’t they should have.

You see the thing is last week was full of them (keep up with laundry, go to gym, get an early night, be kind to others, etc etc) but as usual it ended up being another seven days of “whoops didn’t do that”,

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