Chocolate and Pumpkin Cupcakes with Chocolate Peanut Butter Icing

chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes

If you were given the choice to spend £250 ($400) on one dress or £250 on one dress, a jacket, shoes and accessories what would you do?

Add to the mix that the money isn’t yours. In fact, not only is it not yours, it’s not anyone’s. That works because you are being given the items for free.

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Lemon & Courgette Cupcakes

Lemons & Courgettes

Back to school.

Three harmless words. Together, however, their alliance packs quite a punch.

I know the holidays can be hard for some. Working mothers have to fund potentially expensive
childcare or face being penalised for their absence. SAHMs with small children
are faced with endless hours of organised play which can be exhausting as well
as financially draining.

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Baking My Way Through 2010

Collage of pictures

Don’t you just hate the whole “new year’s resolution” thing?

Eat less, go to bed early, learn a language, run a marathon.

It’s like a beauty queen promising world peace.

Not a chance.

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Winning English Mum’s Big Bake-off

One of my favourite celebrity Q&A’s is featured in the Guardian Weekend magazine (on Saturday’s). It lists approximately 20 questions ranging from “What is your earliest memory” to “What song would you like played at your funeral” with the celebrity’s answers underneath. It’s my go to page as soon as I open the magazine. (The Measure being my second.)

The Q&A style cuts through all the usual celebrity interview BS where they tirelessly amaze us with their latest accomplishments and international adoptions. The questions aren’t designed to bring out the best in them (think Hello magazine) but rather asks “who are you” when you aren’t being famous.

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Orange and Raspberry Victoria Sponge

Amberley Parochial School Village Fete

Come with me and explore.

People at the Fete

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Devil’s Food Cupcakes & White Chocolate Icing

Devils Food Cupcakes

On Sunday, I spent a few hours with my teenage daughter talking through the University application process. She is currently doing her A/S levels (equivalent to Junior year in American high school) and the pressure is mounting as to what she is going to do after she finishes next year.

English literature is her favourite subject and she is keen to study it at University. This is unfortunate for her, as in England this is a very competitive course in terms of applicants versus places. Many Universities might have 40 places but close to 600 applicants. So this means the grade requirements are very high and even then, without an attractive and varied extracurricular “life”, your chances are slim.

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