Blueberry Bundt

Is it too early to talk about summer? Can we well and truly put away our winter coats and except that any change in the weather is for the better. I firmly believe so. Mostly because the thought that it’s not true….well it just doesn’t bear thinking about. So let’s put our newly painted toenails forward, splash out on some tinted moisturiser, polish our sunglasses and head out in the newly green (with a dash of colour) warmed up world. It’s actually quite a lovely place when you start to look around.


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How to Make Root Beer Bundt Cake

This post is for Sleep is For The Week Writing Workshop #22, no 5:  Pick an emotion that best represents your state of mind right now and write creatively on that theme.

Be a woman in her mid-forties.

Have a pretty good life. Be fortunate in that way. Know it, but be grateful. People are generous and to the most part let you off the hook. Others will try to break you. Always be on your guard.

Be worldly-wise but ever hopeful. It helps to have a handful (or two) of scrapes along the way. Get to a certain age with the right amount of experience.

Be moody. Have the occasional bout of tears and tantrums. Want to be better. Work hard at improving yourself. Wait and see if things become settled. Call it a blip when they don’t.

Live life on that never-ending treadmill. Make it seem like fun. Have friends who conspire with you. Make sure the only “checking out” you do is at the supermarket. Let life pass you by with a husband, kids and a unfulfilling part-time job.

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