Blueberry Bundt

Is it too early to talk about summer? Can we well and truly put away our winter coats and except that any change in the weather is for the better. I firmly believe so. Mostly because the thought that it’s not true….well it just doesn’t bear thinking about. So let’s put our newly painted toenails forward, splash out on some tinted moisturiser, polish our sunglasses and head out in the newly green (with a dash of colour) warmed up world. It’s actually quite a lovely place when you start to look around.


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Quick Classic Berry Tart Manifesto

So far I have tried to steer clear of politics on my blog. Baking, for the most part, is about escaping and let’s face it the state of the country (which ever one you live in) is top of the list when it comes to that. Unless you really have opted out – and if you have I’d love to shake your hand – you can’t help but be aware that England is having its very own election showdown. Unlike Bush vs Gore this one does not involve Chads (to which we can all be thankful) but similarly involves uncertainty as to who exactly won.

 Not being able to vote in this country means I can’t be blamed for it. This is worth mentioning because immigrant status in England means blame for pretty much everything. One advantage to not voting is never having to declare yourself a supporter of any particular party. This is even more pertinent now as none of the parties seem to be offering any real solutions to the country’s woes.  

Quite a few people have joked in the last few days how well the country has managed to “rule” itself without any one person or party in power. Which I suppose isn’t too ironic considering the reason we are in this mess is lack of strong leadership. This got me thinking about what would make a good party leader. One the populous would support 100%. An effective manifesto that dealt with real every day issues might help.

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