Baking My Way Through 2010

Collage of pictures

Don’t you just hate the whole “new year’s resolution” thing?

Eat less, go to bed early, learn a language, run a marathon.

It’s like a beauty queen promising world peace.

Not a chance.

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Beetroot & Chocolate Loaf

Mono-chrome Memories

There is an ochre and crimson multi-coloured crinkling carpet under my feet
I’m spinning round and round beneath the wind swept trees
Almost barren now with just their branches reaching out for the last remnants of winter’s light
Arms wide open, hair pulled tightly in bunches, fingers spread to the sky
Nose and ears pinched ruby with autumn’s early evening chill
It’s just a moment, just a second, but it’s everything
Moving to the left, then the right, unsteady feet, catching the world as it
Falls out of focus
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Beetroot and Baking?

Having done a quick search on the Internet it seems a few bloggers have already covered Harry Eastwood’s Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache cookbook. So I won’t spend any time doing what many have already done better – review the book. In fact it was reviewed in The Guardian by Zoe Williams back in the summer. She too found the grating of the veggies* rather tedious but was a convert once she tasted the end product.

I first came across it when a friend gave it to me as a thank you present. I have to say I was immediately excited by the concept of vegetables turning “naughty” cakes in to something “good”. It is beneficial not only from a calorie perspective but also because I am regularly baking for my four kiddies. Using sweet potato, butternut squash or beetroot instead of butter means they are eating healthily without knowing it. When my five-year, who has thus far held out on all attempts to get greens inside her, grabbed her third American Vanilla cupcake from the counter I couldn’t help but smile in secret victory. (They are made with courgettes!)

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