Pumpkin Chai Spice Loaf

Chai Loaf

I’ve got a massive confession to make. I have really messed up. Seriously it’s not even funny.

I forgot to renew my domain name. Yup, www.eggscreamandhoney.com (don’t even click that it will make you cry) was up for renewal last month and with one thing and another *cough, cough* I forgot to hit the yes button to my renewal notification.

What’s worse? This is the part that makes it a big boo-boo. Somebody, or should I say some company, bought it from right under my nose. Well it wasn’t under my nose literally as I was away on holiday and not thinking about my blog at all. Still it was plan mean. Nasty. Deliberate. Can I say worse? Not sure, this blog is a peaceful, happy place where people get together to chat over tea and cake. But really. It’s just not on.

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I <3 Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon + brown sugar + sweet roll + maple syrup + sticky icing = lots and lots of LOVE.  An illicit love. The kind you aren’t suppose to have anymore.

It’s kind of a problem for me. One I am trying to control.

I admit that sugar + carbohydrates + mid-40s are a big no-no! Sometimes nothing else will do.

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Beetroot & Chocolate Loaf

Mono-chrome Memories

There is an ochre and crimson multi-coloured crinkling carpet under my feet
I’m spinning round and round beneath the wind swept trees
Almost barren now with just their branches reaching out for the last remnants of winter’s light
Arms wide open, hair pulled tightly in bunches, fingers spread to the sky
Nose and ears pinched ruby with autumn’s early evening chill
It’s just a moment, just a second, but it’s everything
Moving to the left, then the right, unsteady feet, catching the world as it
Falls out of focus
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Cinnamon Swirl Bread (& FIFA10)

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

U S of A versus the Great British Isles

If you were in England over the weekend there is probably a very big chance you or someone you know was watching the football. Not just any run-of-the-mill match, it was England’s opening game in this year’s FIFA World Cup Tournament. And it was against the US. Not a problem for most people but in our house it was made complicated by the fact that my OH is English and I am, yes you guessed, American.

Most of the time, we manage to combine our allegiances to get the best of both worlds. Like spending Christmas in Florida and our summer hols in Devon (okay we have only achieved this once but you get my point). The kids have followed suit with their love of pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast and egg, chips and beans at tea time. They are happy to describe themselves as half and half.

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Lemon-Syrup Loaf Cake

Portrait of A Confused Artist

See that lemon syrup loaf below. Someone paid me for it. Not a lot, but hey how much can three loaves be worth?

It was the best money I’d made in a very long time. Not that I haven’t always earned my own money. Pretty much have. It’s just that the way I make it, is getting a little mundane, monotonous, and maybe it’s time for something different.

Can’t figure out how to make that change though and these little crabs are nipping at the back of my heels. Saying, “hurry on up now girl” loud and snappy. Of course the harder they nip, the faster I go.

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From My Kitchen to Yours…What Traditions Are Made of

Today is Easter 2010. What is Easter if not a religious holiday? For many it also spells the beginning of Spring. Either way Easter is about rebirth. What has died is born again. Nature plays its part by budding and blossoming. The sky is alight with rainbows as the sun and rain combine to nurture the land back to life. We follow it’s call by shedding our winter layers and bearing our skin in the hope that it will be replenished. The smells of Spring take me back to moments in my childhood when nothing was more complicated than tumbling across the grass, cycling through the streets of my neighbourhood or swinging on a tyre in our backyard.

Holidays are markers in themselves. We look back on Easters past and the days that have been filled in between them. What’s new, what’s different, what’s changed, what’s remained the same. As we get older the constants are what we hang on to as time moves faster and faster on ahead of us without even a friendly glance back. The traditions of our holidays provide those constants. For what are holidays but the memories of those gone before. It’s the inspiration from the childhood excitement and wonder such days were filled with that reminds us of how special they are. Continue reading