Lemon & Courgette Cupcakes

Lemons & Courgettes

Back to school.

Three harmless words. Together, however, their alliance packs quite a punch.

I know the holidays can be hard for some. Working mothers have to fund potentially expensive
childcare or face being penalised for their absence. SAHMs with small children
are faced with endless hours of organised play which can be exhausting as well
as financially draining.

lemon courgette cakes

So I apologise immediately to the those that suffer through them day by day
wondering why September isn’t coming faster. But I am going to have to say it “I

Shall I tell you why?

Lemons and courgettes

It’s the endless days of endlessly running late for everything and not having to be accountable to anyone for it.

It’s spontaneously deciding to do something completely out of the box and not having to worry about what it interferes with.

Running around in shorts, t-shirts and flips flops and not having to care about whether it’s washed, creased, matches or complies to school rules.

Dinner for lunch and breakfast for dinner, or nothing at all, just a bit of snacking and an ice cream cone at least every day.

Most of all though the freedom to just be ourselves! Yes that’s right. Me, Heather, and the kids just them. I’m not the mum who has to shout, or talk to the teacher, or listen to the playground woes or remind them over and over to turn off the tv, do their homework, practice the piano, get to bed on time.

Instead just a lot of days filled with laughter. Where I can just love them for all their foibles, their little quirks, their crazy ways. No one to judge or question their behaviour. Tell them they won’t fit in or keep it all together.

lemon courgette cakes

So that’s why I love the summer holidays.

I’m just me Heather. And they are just them. Hanging out and running free.

lemon courgette cakes

Lemon & Courgette Cupcakes (or Lemon Drops)

as adapted from Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood

Courgette in cakes is a fantastic way to serve your kids vegetables without them knowing. Something we all have to resort to from time to time. The most important thing to remember though is to peel them completely before shredding. Otherwise you will end up with green bits in your cake. Not a good look! And a sure way to make your kids say “GROSS!” These are bite size and so are also perfect for the lunch box or after school treat.

1 egg
50g caster sugar
100g courgette peeled and finely grated
25g flour
50g ground almonds
1 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt
zest of 2 lemons
1 teaspoon of lemon extract
a dash of lemon food colouring (optional)

150g icing sugar, sifted
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
a dash of lemon food colouring (optional)
100s and 1000s (yellow or multi-coloured)

Preheat oven to 160c/325f/gas mark 3. Line 12-hole muffin trays with cases.

Whisk together egg and sugar in a large mixing bowl for 3 minutes until pale. Add the grated courgette and beat again until mixed together completely.

Add the flour, ground almonds, baking powder, salt, grated lemon zest, lemon extract and food colouring (if using). Mix until incorporated.

Using a teaspoon put a small dollop of the mixture into each case. Bake for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool before icing.

Icing: combine sugar and lemon juice with a fork until smooth. Run a little food colouring through it (if using) until you get a colour of yellow you like.

Once they are cooled ice them individually with a teaspoon with a layer about 2mm thick. Sprinkle with zest and decorations.

lemon courgette cakes

For some more great recipes using courgettes/zucchini (depending on which side of the pond you live on) in baking see the links below:

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. As usual. And I’m definitely going to try those cakes, I like the idea of a an after school snack that looks like a treat but is a little bit healthy.


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  3. Those look yummy. I suppose all your reasons for liking summer and good ones.
    I still get to where I really just need my boys to be gone (to school) for a few hours
    everyday, you know. 😉 Summer IS fun for a while, but then–we need routine.
    Thanks for including me in your links.


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