Making Whoopie Pies!

My daughter and I made Whoopie Pies last night. It was a monumental occasion. She was in control.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter. Her in charge of the baking, though? That’s hard.

It was the time of evening when I was all over the place. Picking one child up, dropping the other off. Thinking about dinner. Supervising the homework. I wouldn’t bake during this time. Not for anything. Well, except for George Clooney maybe.

So there I am, all the time trying to keep an eye on her progress. Getting just the tiniest bit stressy. You could say that.

There were a few issues with the creaming of the butter. It wasn’t at room temperature. I couldn’t help it. I stepped in. Told her how it should be done.

She followed the instructions. Put them in the oven.

I made pasta for dinner all the time reminding her to take them out. She didn’t put the timer on. I had to be sure.

I will admit it the finished product was fine. The cake moist and perfectly chocolately…not too sweet. 

We agreed I’d make the frosting. Things had calmed down. I was happy to help.

After dinner she went upstairs to her room.

It was just the whoopie pies and me now. Frosting made. Assembly time.

Here’s where it gets bad. I fiddled. I meddled. I tweeked. A bit of this, a bit of that. Did I even realise I was doing it? Not for a second.

So later that night, reading her facebook status, it said, “don’t try baking with Heather Davis, she gets serious.” Quite a few people liked that status.  You know who you are. And my mother replied, “I would never go there!”

We had a giggle today eating them though.

Chocolate Whoopie Pies

TO make Chocolate Whoopie Pies follow the link. I made this frosting to go in the middle instead of Martha’s.  I also used 100’s and 1000’s to go around the outside.

18 thoughts on “Making Whoopie Pies!

  1. Fun! I saw whoopie pies on the cover of the Sainsburys magazine this month – I’m not sure if I’ll like them or not but am intending to give them a go at some point!

    Love your serious approach to baking. Not a subject to be taken lightly in my opinion!


  2. Damn it this computer won’t show the picture…will have to move to laptop.
    I’m a tad controlling over the cooking…especially decorating the cakes. I have to leave the room and leave them to it or I get all twitchy.
    It was the sainsbury’s recipe that I used. I’m desperate to try the coconut ones. ;0)


  3. I am soo trying these out one day, I’m determined to get into baking and learn to make perfect cakes. Its on my very long list of things i want to do 🙂


  4. Too funny!!! Got to love facebook, dont ya?
    It’s one tool I use to keep up with my 15 year old’s thoughts. Cookies look delicious!


    • I know facebook stalking your kids is the 21st century version of reading their diaries. I don’t go as far as looking at the photos though. That would just be too upsetting I feel!


  5. Baking with children is fun but at the same time kinda stressful for moms. I have to salut my mom-in-law – she does baking with my poppet since she was 2 yrs old. She let her whip, roll the pastry, make apple tart, etc with utmost patience and zen. I wish I’m that zen when baking with poppet.


    • Just after we cooked these I saw the Sainsbury’s magazine feature at the store. They ice the tops and decorate them. Might try that next time. They are definitely a lot less sickly then cupcakes.


  6. Don’t feel bad. I’m far worse. I have my 28 year old son, my biggest cooking fan and one who calls me continuously for cooking advice, so cowed that he wouldn’t even dream of posting such a comment on Facebook. Now THAT’S really bad!


  7. Hey – I saw a recipe for these in my Sainsburys magazine. These are just the sort of recipes I need to bake stuff for my man when he’s off to work – he gets some long shifts and the breakroom love a bit of baking. I’m going to try them sometime when I get back from my hols. I’ll try not to be to serious but I am exactly the same – things MUST be at room temp!



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